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Key Lock Box


A lock box is normally mounted on the exterior of a building with an entry key placed inside the box. The Fire Department has special keys to gain access to the lock box in the event the occupant is unable to unlock the entry door. In an emergency, whether it's fire or medical, the sooner the Fire Department gains access into the building the sooner the emergency is resolved. Also, forced entry takes longer and damage caused by it is typically very costly.
Save A Life's key box installers are either active or retired Tucson Firefighters who very clearly understand the importance of having access keys available upon arrival of an emergency.
Installers will offer key box placement strategies if the customer feels it would be helpful. There are a number of variables to consider when selecting a place to mount the box.
Please consider using Save A Life to mount your key box.

Basic Installation fee $50.00

Please call our office at 623-8484 for further information

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