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Corporate Rates


Basic CPR and First Aid training is a great way to keep the workplace safe, and is a skill useful at home or in other situations. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) oversees the first aid and CPR requirements for the workplace. OSHA requirements typically concern industries that put their employees in harms way, such as electrical power, healthcare, and construction. Even general industy businesses such as manufacturing, wholesale and retail have OSHA requirements to follow.
Thousands of employees are hurt on the job every year in our country. This results in loss of work and less productivity. Some industries such as construction and manufacturing have higher instances of injury than other less dangerous businesses. Still, first aid and CPR training for all employees ensures that if anyone is injured on the job action can be taken.
Customers get hurt or suffer cardiac arrest in the most inopportune places. If injury happens at a place of business, customers expect employees to be trained to help them. Businesses typically want to do everything in their power to insure customers have a good experience. Providing them with a safe environment is the ultimate way to show you care.
Every insurance company is different, but many offer premium discounts for businesses that have offered CPR and First Aid training to their employees. Liability insurance is sometimes one of the largest expenses a business faces. The ability to lower this cost while providing a community service to employees and customers is a huge advantage.

Good reasons for Cpr in the workplace!

* It's The Law
* Employee Safety
* Customer Safety
* Insurance Premiums

The publicity a business receives as a result of a medical emergency handled properly is excellent marketing!

Course fees based on volume and courses selected.

Certificates issued.

Please contact our office at 520-623-8484 for further information.

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